Frequently Asked Questions


1.How do I Apply for a Building Permit?

Franklin County Building Inspector’s Office issues permits. Franklin County Building Inspection Office Website

2.How do I Apply for a Burn Permit?

These permits are applied for through Franklin County Public Safety, Fire Marshal’s Office. Franklin County Public Safety Website

3.How do I Apply for a Business License?

Franklin County Commissioner of Revenue issue licenses. Commissioner of Revenue Website

4.How do I Apply for a Concealed Carry Permit?

A person, 21 years of age or older may apply at the Franklin County Clerk of Circuit Court Office. Virginia does require training and proof of competency. Fee is $50 (as of 2020). Once application is made, the clerk will forward application to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office for a complete background check. It is then returned to the clerk’s office for completion. Call 540-483-3065

5.How do I Apply for a Job?

This website shows current Franklin County Government jobs available and a tab on the right to Apply Online. Franklin County, VA Website

6.How do I get fingerprinted?

This is handled through the Franklin County Jail. Due to staffing, fingerprinting is only done on certain days. Contact 540-483-3020 for details.

7.How do I Apply for a Marriage License?

Franklin County Clerk of Circuit Court issues marriage licenses. Clerk of Court Information (web page)

8.How do I Apply for Special Permits?

Call County of Franklin, 540-483-3030 for more information about these type permits. NOTE: Fireworks Applications are handled through Franklin County Public Safety, contact them 540-483-3091.

9.How do I Apply for a Passport?

Fill out application and return to Franklin County Clerk of Circuit Court. Passport Application and Description of Necessary Documentation

10.How Do I Apply for an Incident Report?

You may request a copy of an incident report in several ways:

1) Complete the online Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request here.

2) Email with the information on the incident that you are requesting the report on.

3) Come into our main lobby area located at 70 East Court Street in Rocky Mount to complete a FOIA  request form.

4) Contact the FOIA Manager at (540) 482-6691.


***NOTE – fees may apply to requests for records, 911 audio, video footage, or other documents. The general fees can be found here, but are determined on a case by case basis.

Additional Avenue for Accident Reports: You will need to know which agency investigated the accident. If it was Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, try first to see if you can access the report from that site.

11.How do I contact Victim/Witness Program?

Katrina Hancock is our Victim/Witness Coordinator. Contact Katrina 540-483-3000 Ext. 2407.

12.How do I get help with Violent Crime Expenses if I am a victim?

The Virginia Victims Fund (VVF) is a state program created to help victims of violent crime with out of pocket expenses.  Virginia Victims Fund Website


1.How do I Pay Court Fines?
  • Franklin County Circuit Court, P. O. Box 567, 275 South Main Street, Suite 212, Rocky Mount, VA 24151. Call 540-483-3065
  • Franklin County General District Court, 275 South Main Street, Suite 101, Rocky Mount, VA 24151. Call 540-483-3060
  • Franklin County Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court, 275 South Main Street, Suite 3, Rocky Mount, VA 24151. Call 540-483-3055
2.How do I Pay for a Dog Tag?

Information about dog tags can be found on the Franklin County Department of Public Safety Website

3.How do I Pay Personal Property/Real Estate Taxes?

Franklin County taxes are collected through the Treasurer’s Office. For more information visit the Franklin County Treasurer Web Page

4.How do I Pay a Traffic Ticket?

Traffic Tickets are paid to the General District Court Clerk’s Office from the Virginia Judicial System Website.


1.How do I Volunteer for the Citizen’s Academy?

Citizen’s Academy is a 10-week, one night a week, class that informs students about the “behind the scenes” of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. Accepted applicants will get a view of all the job duties associated with the Office of the Sheriff. Classes are set up each year and multiple classes occur if demand is strong. E-mail for more information

2.How do I Volunteer for the COPS program?

Any graduate of Citizen’s Academy may apply for our COPS Program. A member must be able to volunteer a minimum of 8 hours a month. E-mail for more information

3.How do I Volunteer for Fire/EMS?

To volunteer for one of our fire departments or rescue squads, call Franklin County Public Safety, 540-483-3091.