Office of the Sheriff
County of Franklin, Virginia
FOIA Request Form



Please Review Carefully Before Requesting

Service Provided

Fee Amount

Computer Generated Report


Paper Copies (in excess of 10 pages)

$0.25 per page

In Car Camera Footage / Body Worn Camera Footage / E911 Audio Recording

$25.00 + any additional processing time

Any additional search/review/redaction occurring over ½ hour is subject to additional fees calculated at $14.00 per hour.

If the requestor has asked for an advance determination of the cost, or if the cost exceeds $200.00, the requestor shall be notified in advance to agree to payment of a deposit not to exceed the amount of the advance determination.

Please Note:   Our office only accepts payment in the following – Cash, Cashier’s Check, or Money Order

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If the FOIA request fees are estimated to exceed the following amount, please contact me before proceeding with this request: (i.e., the amount you are willing to pay is $10 and if it goes over this amount, you will be contacted from this office before your request is fulfilled).
I wish to receive the requested records by the following method (You must choose one).
I wish to receive an e-mail copy of this form to this e-mail address.