Trustee Program

The Trustee Workforce Program is a robust work cadre program that allows offenders to work in various jobs while incarcerated. This is not a paid work program but “good time” may be awarded to the offender for their participation and work. In addition, the community service work hours may be applied towards paying off court fees and fines while still incarcerated. The Trustee Workforce Program typically houses 30-40 offenders who work in various supervised jobs such as the jail kitchen, jail laundry, jail cleaners, trash pickup crew, landscaping crew, food bank, animal shelter, parks and recreation, etc. Trustees are required to take random urinalysis tests and remain free of alcohol/drugs/nicotine while on the program.

 To Apply

The offender must apply directly; not a family member. Letters of interest can be mailed to “Trustee Program, Franklin County Jail, 70 East Court Street, Rocky Mount, Virginia 24151”. Additional questions may be submitted in writing to the same address.