Work Release

The Work Release Program allows an offender to maintain current employment while incarcerated. The offender would have a pre-approved schedule of release and return times that allows for travel time to and from work. This allows the offender to work within the community and benefit from serving their time. Offenders may use paychecks from the Work Release Program to assist with their family at home, as well as pay down restitution and fines while they are incarcerated. While there are benefits of the Work Release Program, the offender must meet certain criteria in order to be awarded this privilege.

Criteria in Order to Qualify for the Work Release Program: 

  1. Must not possess medical needs that would typically warrant being housed at the Western Virginia Regional Jail.
  2. The offender’s job must be located within Franklin County.
  3. The offender must be sentenced on all charges, with no pending charges from any jurisdiction.
  4. Felons must have less than 120 days (unless approved by the Sheriff)
  5. Misdemeanants may have more than 120 days.
  6. Felons may be required to participate in Home Electronic Monitoring (HEM) program while on the Work Release Program in order to track activity and locations. The participant will be responsible for any charges incurred that are related to his HEM.
  7. The offender may not have any detainer or hold for another jurisdiction.
  8. Must be able to pass an alcohol/tobacco/drug urinalysis screening prior to and during the program.
  9. Must be clarified on the disposition from Court that per the Judge, this offender is eligible to be screened for the Work Release Program.
  10. The following on the offender’s Criminal History Report may excluded them from eligibility for the Work Release Program:
    • Sex offenses
    • Violent felony
    • Multiple failures to appear
    • Escape charge
    • Lengthy criminal history
  11. Each application for the Work Release Program will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the administration. The Office of the Sheriff reserves the right to deny anyone access to the program if it is not proven to be beneficial in all aspects.
  12. The final authority and decision on the Work Release Program resides with the Sheriff.