Court Security

The court security unit is comprised of Deputy Sheriff Court Bailiffs that provide security to one General District Court, two Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courts and one Circuit Court. The court bailiffs assure the safety of judges, court staff, visitors, and offenders by supervising conduct and keeping watch over court proceedings. Some of their duties include opening and closing court sessions, screening individuals that enter the courthouse, calling cases appearing before the court, providing service and assistance to the judges, and transporting offenders to and from court.

The Franklin County Courthouse is equipped with a Security Screening Checkpoint at the main entrance of the building that consists of a metal detector and x-ray machine. This equipment supplemented with the hand-held detectors will prevent guns, knives and other dangerous weapons from entering the courtrooms and will help provide additional security for all persons utilizing the courthouse.


The following are items that are not permitted to enter the courthouse and must be left outside, preferably secured in your vehicle:

No weapons of any kind, including but not limited to firearms, knives, cutters and pepper spray

No lighters or matches

No video recording devices

No tobacco products

No cell phones in Juvenile Court