The Patrol Division is responsible for approximately 728 square miles of land mass and waterways that are divided into two separate zones: the East Zone and the West Zone. Each zone is further broken down into three sectors, excluding the Town of Rocky Mount, which is allotted its own separate zone. This breakdown of patrol districts not only allows for a more concentrated effort of focus for each assigned deputy, but also allows for a quicker response time and more personalized service to the citizens of the County.


Deputies assigned to the Patrol Division are primarily responsible for enforcing the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and any local statues and ordinances. They are also required to provide a range of other duties to the citizens of the County, including:

  • Respond to all calls for service

  • Conduct proactive patrol

  • Work criminal investigations

  • Assist in locating runaway juveniles and missing/endangered adults

  • Provide traffic safety

Employment Requirements

Individuals seeking employment in the Patrol Division must undergo a rigorous screening process to help ensure that only the most qualified candidates are allowed into this demanding field of labor. This rigorous screening process includes:

  • Lifestyle polygraph test

  • One or more panel interviews

  • Physical agility testing

  • Reading and comprehension testing

  • Thorough background investigation

Only after an applicant passes all areas of the screening process can they be considered a viable candidate.

For additional information on the Patrol Division, please contact Captain Erik Mollin at or Captain Ken Holland at

In addition, the Office of the Sheriff has a Bloodhound K-9 Program that utilizes the Bloodhound breed to track missing or runaway persons. 

Public Demonstrations – the K-9 teams conduct public demonstrations on a regular basis to civic groups, childcare centers, church groups, schools and in community events. 

For additional information on the K-9 Unit, please contact 1st Lieutenant Terry Dameron at